Happy New Year from Hotel Modera!

With the confetti still lingering and champagne glasses freshly emptied, many of us are looking forward to a fantastic New Year full of new possibilities and adventures. While 2011 may have been a good year, January 1st 2012 brings a fresh and rejuvenated opportunity to make some changes.

Some of Hotel Modera’s staff was happy to share their New Year’s resolutions for our first Blog of the year.

Resolution #1 – Try Every Voodoo doughnut

I think most know that Portland is a quirky city and one of our favorite quirks is Voodoo doughnut. With several dozen varieties from the Bacon Maple Bars to the Texas Challenge trying conquering every doughnut at Voodoo is an excellent resolution.







Resolution #2 – Read at least one book each month

While this one seems doable to many, the employee who mentioned this resolutions noted that this will be their second try at this resolution. They first resolved to read 12 books starting January 1st 2011 and ended up with only a little more than half in a year. Luckily for Portlanders and those travelling to our the rose city there is one very exceptional tool for starting a literary journey such as this. With 68,000 square feet of retail space Powells Book’s houses thousands upon thousands of books. Dubbed the City of Books our very own wanna-be book worm employee will have a great place to start.






Resolution # 3 – Drink More Water & Eat Healthier

Many can relate to this resolution and likely might have had this resolution at least once in their life time. It is very practical and do-able and with a little effort certainly a resolution one can accomplish and integrate into their life. Portland is a great place for fresh water and ingredients and we are certainly known for our food! A great place to start this resolution is right at the sink. With fantastic water right from the tap, this resolution has few hurdles. In addition to our clean and fresh water, Portland is also a great city for Farmer’s Markets. We at Hotel Modera are quite thrilled to be so close to a fantastic Farmers Market just two blocks north on the PSU campus park blocks.


Resolution # 4 – Travel!

Who doesn’t want to see the all wonders of the world? From Europe to South America to our own back yard, there are so many incredible places to see! This resolution seems to be one that might require a several year commitment the employee that has this resolution is in a great place for travelling locally. Planning trips to Europe, Asia or some other exotic continent takes lots of time and planning, Oregon is a great state that also offers a lot in regards to destinations and scenery. From the Oregon coast to the Columbia River Gorge, and Mt. Hood to wine country this resolution can be fulfilled in a short drive from Portland. For those of you located outside of the Pacific Northwest with an itch to Travel, Portland is a destination in and of itself! WE can also assure you that there is at least one great place to stay, right here at Hotel Modera!











Happy New Year! What are your resolutions? Leave your comment below!


  1. Portland is a great destination. Stayed at your hotel in October for the first and enjoyed my time immensely. Hope to be back soon.

    • Thanks, Chris! Make sure to sign-up for Hotel Modera’s E-Blast on our homepage so you can be one of the first to hear about our exclusive deals!

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