Portland Je t’aime!

Portland is fantastic for countless reasons, and you may have heard more than a few.  But if you’re like us, you love to hear and read about the Rose City!  Here are a few links to our favorite recent articles about why Portland is a city to love!


America’s 50 Best Cities

While we say Portland is #1, Businessweek ranked Portland #47 of America’s best cities, describing our off-beat art and foodie culture, clean air, and general laid-back goodness. As one of the best hotels in Portland, we agree that Portland is one of the best cities in America!


World’s Best Cities for Architecture Lovers

According to Conde Nast Traveller, Portland is #14 of the 16 best cities for architecture lovers.  While we cannot claim to have the most LEED Certified buildings, Portland has the highest concentration of green buildings per capita.


10 Food Trails Worth the Flight

Speaking of a per capita ratio, Portland is also happy to boast the most breweries per capita.  We take our beer very seriously and nearly everyone claims to be a beer connoisseur.  Conde Nast has also listed Portland as a “Food Trail” destination worth any length of car ride or flight with a specific experience in mind= beer!


America’s Best Bike City: Portland, Oregon

When traveling to Portland, any tourist or out-of-towner will take note of our bicycles and bicycle-friendly city layout.  According to bicycling.com, Portland is America’s Best Bike City!  Our beautiful views and countless bike trails and numerous bike riding parades make Portland the number one Bike city in America!


10 Best Places to Retire

What a better place to retire this blog post than to say that Portland is one of the best places to retire!  Yahoo describes what makes Portland desirable to retirees as our easy access to nearly anything, our great food, and arts culture, and many fantastic festivals.  As “Portlandia” put it, Portland is where young people go to retire, but it’s an excellent place to live, if you’re young or old.  After traveling to downtown Portland, and staying with Hotel Modera a few times, you too might fall in love with Portland the way we have.  Why not retire here yourself?

Hotel Modera is one of the most recognized Portland hotels downtown for sightseeing, dining, and enjoying our great city. We invite you to explore our outstanding Portland hotel deals and specials for more reasons to stay at Hotel Modera!

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