Tips for Holiday Traveling

The peak of holiday traveling is upon us. Getting from point-A to point-B, with long lines and extra baggage, is often the biggest hassle of the holiday season. With so many things to remember and do, here are a few tips to make your holiday traveling streamlined and easy.

1. Show Up Early

We know there is a lot to remember and traveling is already stressful, but if you arrive at your airport or train station early, you will have much needed time to check baggage, find your terminal, and relax before boarding.   By arriving extra early, you give yourself time to deal with long lines, and any possible hiccups or delays. No one anticipates racing through an airport only to see your plane pulling away from the gate, so tack on an hour or so to the beginning of your trip and set yourself up for travel success.

2. Ship Gifts Ahead of Time

It might be too late for this one, but shipping your gifts before you travel means you have less items to pack and lug around. You will have less to carry and less to worry about. If you can’t ship your items before you travel and need to take them with you through the airport, don’t wrap them!  If TSA sees anything suspicious they will need to unwrap the gifts, so plan on wrapping your gifts when you arrive at your destination.

3. Don’t Check Your Bags

This might fit into the time saving category, but it also might be the best travel tip yet. By not checking your bags, you have one less line to wait in, and less stuff to lug around. Combine this with shipping your gifts, and traveling will be a breeze!

4. There’s an App for That!

Maybe you’re not traveling by air, but taking a road-trip to your holiday destination. If you don’t already know about it, GasBuddy is a fantastic free app that lets you search for gas stations and tells you gas prices at each stop. You can search for the cheapest gas prices on the go!

5. Stay at a Hotel

Last but not least, stay at a hotel when traveling for the holidays. It takes the burden off your in-laws and you can have some privacy for yourself. Reserving a room at a nearby hotel can be convenient and more comfortable. During the holidays, hotels tend to have significantly less business travelers and therefore rooms to fill. This generally translates to lower rates.  If you’re searching for hotels in Portland, Oregon, Hotel Modera has the best Portland hotel deals and is accepting last minute holiday reservations!

Happy holidays to you and yours, from Hotel Modera!

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